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Communicating with the Public - Our Services

Communicating with the Public - Our Services

The Communicating with the Public team are here to help you get your message across to the biggest audience possible.

Are you fed up with working for the boss and long to run your own business?
Do you have a cracking business idea but are too worried to give up the day job? Do you know how to get your big idea off the ground?

There are now more than 3.9 million small businesses in the UK and the numbers are increasing each year. But how easy is it to go it alone? How many hoops do aspiring business owners have to jump through?

For a business wanting to communicate, there is no better way to encourage phone calls than by using 0800 numbers. 0800 numbers are easily available by going to websites such as and are freephone numbers when dialled from a landline. Customers can then phone you safe in the knowledge that they are not paying for the call. This puts you in a good position if they are deciding to ring a list of companies who offer the same service as you. After all, if two shops both offered the service you required, one you had to pay to enter and one was free, which one would you choose?

To support Channel 4's new series of 'Risking It All' which follows the experiences of would-be entrepreneurs, we have produced this helpful on-line guide to give real advice on the issues that matter - from how to ensure that your business idea will really be a success to securing the necessary funding and helping you choose the right IT equipment. So are you ready to risk it all?



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