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SHow us a better way - Learning about money


We have listed every money term we can think of everything just for you!

ACAS to Accumulated fund


A concept which Lord Keynes latched on to, to explain how higher consumption can lead to higher investment. If the factories cannot keep pace with demand, their owners will invest in extra factory space and new machines. That will put spending power in the hands of suppliers of factories and machines, so that they will be able to expand too. All this will draw in more workers, who will in turn have more money in their pockets. The process can, of course, work in reverse.

Accepting house

An accepting house is one of the top Merchant banks in the City. What it accepts are Bills of exchange. Once they have had this endorsement the bills are more readily traded round the City's Discount market, and they do not suffer such a big discount. The Accepting Houses, which have to be British-controlled, belong to the Accepting Houses Committee. This acts as a lobby for the merchant banks in putting their views to the Bank of England (Governor: Mervyn King), the Treasury or the periodic Royal Commissions on the City.


In Bookkeeping, an account is the record of Transactions of a particular type or relating to a particular person. They may be Personal accounts, Real accounts or Nominal accounts. In banking one customer may have a Current account, a Deposit account and a Budget account. The money is added on depending on the amount that is in the account. The accounting date is used to calculate the exact amounts of interest received.

Should your place of business be aesthetically pleasing, designed in a way which increases productivity or both? This ultimately depends on the type of business and / or whether the building is subject to client visitations. Some business may wish to improve the appearance of their business over productivity where another business may be the opposite. These are the type of questions which need to be considered / asked when considering an office fit out or refurbishment.

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