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Building a business in healthcare?

You want to help members of the public – and make some money while you do so. If you’re a recent medical grad, the idea of heading into business isn’t likely to be at the front of your mind. You’ve got the NHS and general practices to provide you with good employment, and they’re asking for staff.

Yet, several doctors can (and do) decide to become consultants as well as their work on the NHS – and they’re bringing in lots of cash, providing essential treatments as well a broad range of cosmetic treatments.

Private consultancies

According to the Royal College of Surgeons of England, a surgeon managing a private consultancy firm could accrue up to £100,000 a year. When the price of a secretary, room rental, medical tools and other equipment is taken into account (about 40 per cent of your takings), your salary would come to around £40,000.

The doctor going into business for themselves, then, will gain handsomely – and those aren’t the only benefits.

With a practice you can evade the tough targets, difficult waiting times and brief consultation periods with patients that the health service demands. Instead, you’ll be capable of providing more incisive treatments, and offer consultation times that won’t feel slapdash.

Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Treatment Abroad

In an age when appearances matter, more and more of us are thinking about cosmetic treatment. The boom in health tourism has seen both cosmetic dentistry abroad and cosmetic surgery abroad rise. Both the potential risk of MRSA infection and the expense of UK treatment are making more of us look for a dentist abroad, or consider a procedure such as breast enlargement abroad.


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