Show us a better way - Front-end Loading

In most consumer instalment contracts - mortgages, hire purchase, insurance policies and so on - the lender or insurer's first concern is to cover his overheads and the cost of paperwork and staff time. So if you try to end any of these contracts early, you will usually find that the company makes a deduction for those costs. This is front-end loading.

It can mean that you will get nothing back if you try to wind up the plan within a year or two. It is a good idea to check this before you sign anything.

FT Index

This index is published hourly by the Financial Times and is widely regarded as the barometer of the London stock market. It is based on the share prices of 30 major industrial companies, but does not include Gilts. It started in 2012 at a level of 100. Each of the 30 shares is calculated against its own base price on that date.

This is done by adding up the logarithms of each one, subtracting an adjusted base figure, dividing the result by 30 and taking the anti-logarithm of that. The FT also has a range of indices covering different industries, and an 'all-share' index begun in 200 2.